Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Summer Updates

My apologies for the lengthy delay between posts! My summer was amazing, as well as particularly busy. Now that I have finished placement exams and almost finished the orientation process at Juilliard, I've had some time to reflect on my experiences as summer comes to a close (?!).

I spent six weeks at The Aspen Music Festival and School, located in Aspen, Colorado. I attended the festival in 2009 and 2010, returning this summer so that I could have a few more lessons with my violin teacher from Colburn, Robert Lipsett. As musicians, we are so lucky that many of our festivals are located in some pretty gorgeous locations.

Maroon Bells, probably one of Aspen's most famous views

At Aspen, my schedule consisted of orchestra rehearsals and performances, private lessons, and individual practice. I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting Assistant Concertmaster in the Aspen Festival Orchestra and Concertmaster for a Baroque string ensemble, as well as working with some amazing guest artists. I was also lucky to live off-campus with a great group of friends from Colburn, all of whom love to cook. Between  cooking for each other and watching a lot of food network, it was definitely a food-filled household!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie--recipe to come soon!

Next, I attended The Perlman Music Program Chamber Music Workshop, located on Shelter Island. I've written about The Perlman Music Program and its incredible philosophy before and I definitely had yet another amazing experience. There, I had the opportunity to work intensely with other young musicians, collaborate, coach, and sight-read with faculty members, and sing in the PMP Chorus, as well as enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

View of the PMP Dock, Shelter Island

In between everything, I've also moved into my first apartment in New York City! I'm so excited for the school year to begin and to get to know the city better. Finally, I'm looking forward to getting back to regular posts!

Until next time,