Friday, May 16, 2014

Wrapping Up

2014 Juilliard Gala: Till Eulenspiegal with conductor Alan Gilbert
Photo Credit: © Nan Melville 

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of wrapping up the semester and my time at Juilliard. I performed as Concertmaster for my last Juilliard Orchestra concert, pictured above with Alan Gilbert for the Juilliard Gala. My graduation jury, final projects, papers, and exams, and my graduation recital promptly ensued.

Graduation Recital in Morse Hall
Photo Credit: Sayo Kosugi
With Ms. Cho and Mr. Perlman
Photo Credit: Sayo Kosugi

Immediately after my recital, I had the incredible experience of substituting with The Philadelphia Orchestra for their SingIN performance of Handel's Water Music and Messiah. The orchestra's PlayIN events allow anyone to attend and perform with members of The Philadelphia Orchestra; for this concert, there were about 1,400 people singing along for the Messiah! It was amazing to hear so many voices sing the Hallelujah chorus, which was incredibly powerful. It was surreal going to work with my mom and performing with orchestra members I have known my whole life, including my former teacher, Hirono Oka.

The Philadelphia Orchestra SingIN
Photo credit: © The Philadelphia Orchestra
With my cousin, Ellen (who also subbed) and my mother, Gloria

It's certainly been an amazing few weeks. I'm looking forward to having some time during the next few days to reflect upon and celebrate my graduation from Juilliard!

Until next time,