Saturday, February 23, 2013

NYC: Hell's Kitchen Favorites

Awhile back, I posted some of my Los Angeles favorites. I'm so lucky to live in Hell's Kitchen now, which is absolutely overflowing with amazing restaurants, cafes, and bars. Here are my favorites so far:

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What: Kahve--tiny coffee place with delicious brews and super friendly baristas
Where: 9th ave. off of 52nd st.
I love: the almond chai tea latte, the joy of finding a table, and the exposed brick

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What: Casellula--wine bar with an incredible menu
Where: 52nd st., between 9th and 10th ave.
I love: the reds by the glass, chistorras in a blanket, pig's ass sandwich, mac and cheese, and chocolate cake served with fresh cream

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What: Totto--authentic ramen house [note: cash only and be prepared to wait in a long line during prime meal times!]
Where: 52nd st., between 8th and 9th ave.
I love: the totto spicy ramen

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What: Aaheli Indian--tiny, hole in the wall restaurant with fantastic Indian food
Where: 9th ave. between 54th and 55th st.
I love: the all you can eat buffet and selection of southern Indian dishes on the menu

What: Print--Ink 48 hotel's swanky, Michelin star rated restaurant [note: with a price tag to match]
Where: 11th ave. and 48th st.
I love: the brunch menu, especially the semolina french toast with marscapone and fresh berries

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What: Amy's bread--breads, cakes, and confections bakery with cafe seating
Where: 9th ave. between 47th and 46th st.
I love: the rosemary loaf

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What: Bocca di Bacco--delicious Italian food
Where: 9th ave. between 54th and 55th st.
I love: the homemade garganelli pasta

As you can see, this is already a fairly limited radius! There are still so many places to try. Happy eating!

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