Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Perlman Music Program Sarasota Winter Residency

Over winter break, I traveled to Sarasota, Florida for The Perlman Music Program Winter Residency. For those of you who are not familiar with the program, PMP is the creation of Toby Lynn Perlman, wife of legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman. Through the "Littles" summer program, chamber music workshop, Sarasota residency, and countless other mini-residencies and performances, Mrs. Perlman (known affectionately throughout the community as "Mrs. P") realized her dream of creating a learning environment for young, classical musicians that is based wholly on support and love.

The Sarasota program mimics the "Littles" summer program schedule: 4 hours of individual practice in the morning, additional practicing, private lessons, chamber music rehearsals, coachings, and chorus in the afternoon, and string orchestra rehearsals in the evening. In addition to their weekly lessons and chamber music coachings, students perform with their chamber music groups and have the option to perform solo music on the "Works in Progress" concerts, which take place throughout the two weeks. Some additional highlights included trips to the beach, amazing food, and sight-reading Beethoven string quartets with Paul Katz until well past midnight!

View from Marina Jacks

Beach at Marina Jacks

In the classical music world, the pressure to succeed at a young age seems to grow constantly, superseding the importance of growth and development. By taking steps to eliminate competition, such as rotated seating in orchestra between every movement and equal performance opportunities, PMP focuses on nurturing each and every one of its students during a crucial period of musical and personal development. The result is learning with overwhelming depth and clarity in a community filled with so much love and support that it is practically a living, breathing entity. I am so grateful that I was able to attend the chamber music workshop and winter residency, meet so many amazing and talented young musicians, work with incredible faculty, and become apart of the PMP community! For more information, visit the PMP website.

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