Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Fanciful Favorites

In addition to starting this blog and creating my website, one of the things that kept me entertained while recovering from pneumonia the last month was a significant increase in my online shopping perusal! Some of my favorite online boutiques include modcloth, ruche, spotted moth, and chloe loves charlie. Though I tried to restrain myself from splurging too much, I couldn't resist adding these pieces to my wardrobe.

1. Blouse from Modcloth. It's hard to tell, but this sheer blouse has a small, polka-dotted print
2. Blouse from Spotted Moth. I absolutely love the trend in animal prints--I may or may not already own a BCBGeneration romper that has a dreamy print of greyhounds.
3. Skirt from Modcloth. The suede fabric gives the blue color an incredible richness.
4. Madden Girl booties from DSW. I've been pairing these boots with thick tights, cute dresses, and jeans almost non-stop since their purchase (and since I regained the physical strength to traipse around in heels!).

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved personal expression through unique and creative details. Personal style is just one more way to experiment with who we are and how we portray ourselves to the world. And it's always fun to have a few new things to show who we are!

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